From Zero Design Experience to Creative Director

All of us have a creative spirit within us, even if it does not manifest through making stuff. The question is that if you are a young individual who has just finished school and you have a burning spark inside, but have never thought of applying yourself, is it too late?

For Fezaan Haroon it was never too late.

Part I
Part II
My strong belief is that when you are impacted by a negative, either from a client or project you are working on, I think there is no point fuelling that negative energy through further frustration. We need to use that energy to be more productive and change it to a positive. Yeah you are going to be annoyed, frustrated or stressed, but try and use that energy for something productive; so work at a solution.

Work closely with your client. Your client is there to work with you, they are not there to make your life harder. Don’t be afraid to use them for someone to bounce your ideas and brainstorm with.

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