How to Keep it Cosy as a Full-time Designer

As a designer you may be wondering what is the best route for you to take? Do you need university? Can you use online resources instead? If you are a full-time in-house designer can you find time to create things you are passionate about? Can you freelance on the side?

let’s take a look at how, Daniel Wallem, a self-taught designer, is living it cosy, working in a company full-time, whilst doing things he loves.

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Daniel Wallem

As designers we don’t have to worry about the industry right now. Even though there are many websites that do design for you, like automated design; this forces us to become creative, to come up with ideas, to think outside of the box, and AI can’t do that.

Automated design filters the bad clients; People who want real quality are going to look for a human-being to create that quality for them.

Good UI design can change people’s lives; making one thing easier on an app or a website can save hours of a someone’s time.

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Thanks for a great interview! Mozayc is awesome.

Thanks Dan, pleasure to have you on the show!

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