Big Beards in an Office?

Shell was looking to display his new startup as a unique beard oil brand with the potential of opening up further into the men’s grooming niche.

He came to us with no name, no preferences in design. But what he did have was a description of how they wanted to look and their target demographic.

With the hipster trend on the rise, and big beards becoming popular, it is easy to launch a beard oil. Yet most of the brands we see today adopt the raw, rugged, retro lumberjack aesthetic. On the other side of the coin, from his research it was found that men with big beards found it hard to get hired in a  corporate environment, and this is what intrigued Shell.

His vision was to introduce a beard oil brand that seeked to normalize big beards in the corporate environment. How did we repsond? Through our brand strategy techniques we found a direction to bridge the gap between the raw/rugged to the sleek/corporate.


  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Stylescapes
  • Mockups
  • MoodBoard


After extensive research, narrowing down many keywords and rounding up potential directions. We landed on the name “Debonair” as we felt it really described the essence of the brand.

It’s a French word and the meaning is exactly what your brand is all about. Also, the word alone oozes with a sense of affluence and quality.


Initial Concepts

We combined the organic natural world with the modern professional world. As a result moved towards a very interesting and unique exploration of colour and imagery.
We have some deep blue tones moving into more organic and deep greens.
The imagery is contrasting, and the 2 colliding worlds/themes really create a sense of diversity and authenticity.
The message that is brought forwards: wild yet cool, or wild yet professional.



The Office Oasis


Kevin Lahoe


Omar Farook


Steve L., Oleksii V.


Oleksii V.


Steve L.


Omar Farook


Hafsa Thameem