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Our creative director Omar Farook took part in an online global design challenge hosted by The Futur. The challenge was to redesign the Spartan Race logo by Reebok. In the video and the article that follows, he shares his process.


For me to really understand what a spartan is to us in the 21st century, I wanted to look at them from an internal perspective not necessarily from a socio-political perspective. What was their psychological state?

What I found was that spartans were raised with harshness to become emotionless. It is clear to me that by looking at the deeper makeup of a Spartan, we can see why Spartans have become a symbol of the epitome of majestic human rawness. I started connecting these aspects of them to the people of today, more specifically the fitness culture. I then looked into imagery, ranging from old greek artifacts to modern day fitness trends and culture as well as typography ideas.
Dropbox to my Research Assets and Image Buckets:

Embodying the Brand

To really come up with an authentic identity, I needed to embody the brand. It was imminent for me to feel and understand the emotions and pain that are felt at the height of physical exertion.


To bridge the gap between the historic spartan and the modern day spartan spirit, I did a brain dump of related keywords and narrowed them down to a handful of common keywords which were most powerful and variant in meaning. These words paved the way towards the design directions, starting with a quick moodboard.

Logo Design

I took a few of the most prominent designs and started getting them vectorized into potential final designs.


I supported the designs with stylescapes that set a clear theme of each direction and further narrowed down my concepts into 3 finalists.

Final Designs & Mockups

I made a few further refinements to my 3 entries and got them mocked up in the template provided.


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